《国医民医齐上阵 人类方可复康宁》

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李万泉大夫《国医民医齐上阵    人类方可复康宁》

<< Traditional Chinese Medicine specific For preventing and Eliminating novel Coronavirus Virus >>

Doctor Li Wanquan, Medicine of The State, Medicine of the People


2022 年世界格局的迸发,中医人过去与未来的交汇,中医人梦想与智慧的激荡,国计与民生健康的交融,不仅吸引着各行各业的目光,更牵动着亿万群众对健康渴望的心弦。

The bursting of the world pattern in 2022, the intersection of the past and the future of TCM practitioners, the stirring of dreams and wisdom of TCM practitioners, and the integration of national plans and people's well-being, not only attract the attention of all walks of life, but also touch the heartstrings of hundreds of millions of people's desire for health.


Life is the most important, there is your daughter, a party to help, virtue is more than this. As every medical worker, saving the dying and healing the wounded is their duty, and giving advice is their sacred mission and obligation. In the process of researching, learning and putting forward suggestions, I not only performed my duties and made achievements, but also got a lot of enlightenment and improvement. For traditional Chinese medicine to become China's national advantage, the benefit of the Chinese people and the world people's health, promote to build human health make new greater contributions to the community, our special report in the career development of TCM, protect people's health in the 30 years at scientific research, and made outstanding contributions of combining traditional Chinese and western medicine experts/antiviral disease clinical experts (so it's possible to make the global The COVID-19 disaster is over as soon as possible! Professor Li Wanquan and his major scientific and technological achievements in the past 30 years and special effects of broad-spectrum antiviral Chinese medicine!!



Preface: Geng Zi eventful autumn,2020 Geng Zi even more, "new crown" outstanding, so that the whole universe is impossible to guard against,20 months of fighting, so that every country and its people suffered from torture, only I east. Had it not been for the power of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, our people might not have been able to avoid this catastrophe. Prevention is the priority and the pathogen should be eliminated. The global situation is still not optimistic. There are all kinds of anti-bacterial drugs available in the world today, except for one specific antiviral (especially the cheap ones for novel Coronavirus and its variants). Only then can we, the Chinese medicine, take on the responsibility of epidemic prevention and the eradication of novel coronavirus in the world!!


The three main measures of modern medicine for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases have remained unchanged for 100 years: first, eliminate (or isolate) the source of infection; 2. Cutting off transmission routes; Third, protect vulnerable groups. The Chinese people have made great efforts in the hard work of COVID-19 prevention and control, especially in the implementation of the second and third measures mentioned above, and have made remarkable achievements. But in the past two years, the epidemic has gone back and forth, especially since March this year, there have been more recurrences and even outbreaks! Investigate its reason, is in the elimination of infection that variation of will has no better way of coronavirus (i.e. no antiviral drugs), the key is the major issues: only in the elimination of variation will be coronavirus, after the outbreak can really calm or end of yi (note: now used in traditional Chinese medicine's present a significant curative effect for COVID - 19!) Here, I would like to introduce to our country and people the effective or specific drugs for killing novel coronavirus in terms of sources of infection. This is of course non-Chinese medicine, because Chinese medicine has been able to treat all kinds of diseases for thousands of years. The top priority is to seek for TCM drugs that treat both symptoms and root causes of anti-Novel Coronavirus in clinical application.


Profile: Li Wanquan, born in 1951 in Yunyang County, Chongqing. In 1975, he graduated from the Medical department of Chongqing Medical University, and was assigned to the former provincial key secondary school and Sichuan Wanxian Health School to work as the teaching and clinical work of Internal Medicine (including infectious Diseases) and Nursing. In 1979, he participated in the establishment of the affiliated hospital of the university and the diagnosis and treatment of the medical ward. In September 1992, he obtained senior lecturer qualification in the former Wanxian Medical School of Sichuan Province. In 1995, he was appointed as visiting professor of Taiwan Acupuncture And Moxibustion Association. Speaker of the second World Congress of Traditional Medicine (San Francisco, USA, May 1995). In 1985, he participated in the compilation of relevant chapters of "Internal Medicine Practice Guide" and "Internal Nursing" commissioned by the Ministry of Health and the Commission of Higher Education. The two books were officially published by the national Publishing House (People's Health Publishing House) in 1992 and 1993 respectively. In clinical medical nearly 20 years of work, doctor li realized that western medicine in the treatment of chronic difficulty miscellaneous disease and virus infectious disease curative effect, less likely to effect a radical cure, hence he left in 92 units, research into the use of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of the disease and at its own cost parallel hardships in the clinical treatment of hepatitis b and HIV/AIDS and the huge work, so far for 29 years.


Main research achievements: In June 1992, in order to better devote oneself to the clinical work of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, I resolutely left the unit and started the clinical work and subject research on the treatment of complicated and complicated diseases/liver diseases/AIDS with traditional Chinese medicine.


At the end of 1994, based on the theory of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, a Chinese medicine prescription for "hepatitis B" was developedThrough the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences institute of Medical biotechnology virus room authoritative identification.By the end of 2017, a unique series of "hepatitis B/cirrhosis" TCM powder (No. 1-5) was basically developed. The expected effect has been achieved by clinical practice.



At the end of 1995, and with great concentration to study the prevention and control of "AIDS" (the original ai will cure series of traditional Chinese medicine) of traditional Chinese medicine, medical biotechnology research institute by the Chinese academy of medical sciences virus chamber and the HIV/AIDS authority Denver laboratory identification, it against the people living with HIV "ai will cure medicine" display of HIV 1 has obvious inhibitory effect of (> 74%); In May 1995, his paper won the International Excellent Achievement Award of the Second World Traditional Medicine Congress, and was invited to the United States to give a speech and receive the award. At the same time, academic exchanges were conducted with representatives, experts and scholars attending the conference. And was recognized by two medical institutions in San Francisco, the United States, sheng invited Dr. Li Wanquan to stay in the United States development, but he declined politely.

关于中药”艾必治”的研究方向(药理)及治疗HIV/ARC/AIDS的疗效证论(摘要)见李万泉医师所撰写的国家级论文(96年李万泉医师就被国家卫生部疾病控制司视为防治艾滋病的临床专家了)——参加第一届全国中西医结合防治艾滋病学术研讨会,并发表的国家级论文,该论文已汇编入我国防治艾滋病的论文集之中/2003年4月。【特注:世界上有关艾滋病的两个百分之百,即感染了艾滋病毒百分之百要得艾滋病;患了艾滋病百分之百要死亡。李万泉医师在2000年—2001年,应用自费研究的、经中美两国相关权威机构鉴定的中医药,在泰国庙宇中共治疗了26名卧床的晚期艾滋病人,均在2-3周内下床活动;另国内广东及云南各1例晚期艾滋病人,均在服药2周内转危为安!——铁的事实证明:李万泉医师早在二十年前就用中医药打破了国际上<患了艾滋病一定要死亡>这一学说!见证人1:国家艾滋病专家委会员黎教授;见证人2:台湾/深圳陈先生 Tel:13927405990 】

Ai will cure "research on traditional Chinese medicine" direction (pharmacology) and the curative effect of treatment for HIV/ARC/AIDS syndrome theory (see) the Li Wanquan doctors wrote a national paper (that is, 96 Li Wanquan physician was the national disease control, ministry of health as a clinical experts to the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS) - to attend the first national conference on prevention and treatment of AIDS with traditional Chinese and western, concurrency Table of national papers, this paper has been compiled into the proceedings of China's AIDS prevention/April 2003. [Special note: Two hundred percent of AIDS in the world, namely, 100 percent of people infected with HIV will get AIDS; 100 percent of people infected with AIDS will die. Li Wanquan physicians in 2000-2001, the research, at his own expense by the relevant authority identification of traditional Chinese medicine in China and the United States, temples in Thailand have done 26 in bed late treatment of AIDS patients, both in 2 to 3 weeks of bed activities; the other domestic guangdong and yunnan advanced AIDS patients, 1 cases had turned the corner in the medicine 2 weeks in! - ironclad facts to prove:As early as 20 years ago, Doctor Li Wanquan used traditional Chinese medicine to break the international "AIDS must die" theory!Witness 1: Professor Li, member of the National AIDS Expert Committee; Witness 2: Taiwan/Shenzhen Mr. Chen Tel:13927405990]


Another: in April 2003, the outbreak of SARS, Li Wanquan doctors study the effects of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), also send the virus research institute, Chinese academy of military medical (because of the authority of Dr Yang heard lee anti HIV, anti hepatitis b virus (HBV) of traditional Chinese medicine appraisal result is good, and is the most authoritative drugs in our country expert professor hong-shan Chen personally identify the cause of before Received the drug identification of Doctor Li), identified by Professor Yang has a good inhibitory effect on SARS virus, so it is listed as the fifth standby drug for SARS in China. It is hoped that the health authorities and the country will attach great importance to the eradication of novel Coronavirus, that is, to fully explore and apply traditional Chinese medicine to achieve this huge and ambitious goal (no expensive anti-novel Coronavirus chemical drugs produced in the United States! Its curative effect and toxic side effects need about one year of clinical practice/time to prove!) .


Doctor Li Wanquan advocates the "Yi Shui" school of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the extensive and profound Chinese medicine, focusing on the theory of regulating the five organs, especially the spleen and kidney. Modern medicine also focuses on the function of the adrenal gland, the gland between the two kidneys. Most modern people are in a state of sub-health due to immune dysfunction, which will lead to pathological changes of heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney. He thought that the school of medicine is to seize the source of the disease! Li Wanquan from school, xiao qing emperor kangxi years, jiangsu and zhejiang famous doctor siming lay high GuFeng illustrated (book), gause no matter in theory or in clinical practice, are typical representative of this school and clinical everyone (i.e. to Ming and qing dynasties, the development of Chinese medicine whether in theory or in practice, have formed the traditional medicine of the same syllabus, and I have sufficient practical experience Chinese medicine), but also a rare treatment of various chronic and difficult diseases of clinical famous doctors. What we have obtained and thought in the past 29 years comes from the theory and practice of gao Gufeng (see Baidu for details), practicing the shortcut of "making the past serve the present, making the foreign serve the Chinese, and upholding integrity and innovation".


In the spring of 2001, at the invitation of the relevant departments of the Ministry of Health, he joined the national AIDS laboratory at his own expense to conduct short-term clinical observation and data of HIV patients after taking drugs, and achieved good clinical effect and experience in the early stage.


In the autumn of 2008, in the continuous improvement of TCM prescriptions and various types (TCM pills), began free treatment for patients who voluntarily accept drugs, achieved the expected clinical effect. Its AIDS prevention and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine according to the relevant provisions of the state and procedures have been the final line of national acceptance stage (details of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences AIDS research center).


The advantages of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine in epidemic situations have also been verified in recent years, and the state has issued supportive policies, which have played a decisive role in revitalizing the cause and development of traditional Chinese medicine, and revived the faith of practitioners and greatly encouraged them.



Dr. Li Wanquan has been working on the development and research of Traditional Chinese medicine for nearly 30 years. Based on its own advantages, it absorbs advanced ideas and visits famous Chinese medicine experts from all over the country. With the advantage of being invited to participate in medical conferences across the country, it exchanges experiences with experts and scholars attending the conferences and discusses the development prospect and future of Chinese medicine. / COVID - 19, in the face of the global epidemic in the past, and the foreign serve China "" inheritance is not old, constant innovation", namely, on the basis of inheritance and keep positive and innovative Li Wanquan physician new crown outbreak since 2020, traditional Chinese medicine in prevention and treatment of hepatitis b and HIV rich clinical experience, on the basis of we according to the traditional Chinese medicine "different word" and "the centralizer The principle and basic principle of "removing pathogens" and "curing diseases", wipe out novel coronavirus on the premise of increasing its own resistance! So far, the novel Coronavirus pandemic and the pneumonia caused by it have been thoroughly studied and perfected. Only in this way can the global epidemic of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic be completely eliminated, and in turn, the whole country and the whole people of the world be benefited. (Please refer to the prescription below)



[Appendix 1: Summary of Typical Cases treated by Dr. Li Wanquan in Tumor/cancer Patients]


In the past twenty years, Dr. Li Wanquan has used traditional Chinese medicine to treat tumor/cancer cases in several major cities of China. ● Beijing: Insider, Mr. Dong; ● Shanghai: Mr. Wang in a research institute; ● Shenzhen/Taiwan: Mr. Chen; ● Chongqing :1. Luo xx (famous online in Chongqing Wuxi): suffering from leukemia (M2), cured five years ago in summer after taking more than one year and eight months of Traditional Chinese medicine. 2. Luo XX from Wuxi County: suffering from rare malignant pleural mesothelioma, cured within one year and went to work. ● Chengdu: Ms. Tian,(note: please consult the above person, you can know the specific curative effect and cured cases of Dr. Li's tumor and cancer treatment in this city)......


Note :(1) xiao luo's leukemia was free of charge, and no recurrence was observed for more than five years. (2) Luo xx from Wuxi County suffered from a rare pleural cancer, which was first treated in a big hospital in Chongqing. After chemotherapy, she was already suffering from severe disease! After to my place for treatment, just a year by traditional Chinese medicine cure! No recurrence for more than three years! Her medical records were collected and archived by Beijing Cancer Institute as a rare case in Summer and autumn 2016 in Chongqing!!


COVID-19, as a "big test", has seriously threatened people's lives and health. In 2021, in the post-epidemic era, "how to enhance immunity, get rid of diseases and prevent diseases" has gradually become the topic of discussion. On the centenary anniversary of the founding of the CPC, Professor Li Wanquan announced his main wisdom scientific research achievements.


 Appendix 2: Killing novel Coronavirus and Effective Traditional Chinese Medicine 】


We must attach great importance to the prevention and control of this novel coronavirus infection and its resulting pneumonia, otherwise there will be no peace in the world in the next 2-3 years! (Dr. Li had already pointed out this significant prediction in May and June 2020!)


According to professor Li Weibai of early Western Studies in China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (former director of AIDS research project in 1985) pointed out 30 years ago: In view of the nearly 1800 years of history and experience in the formal and scientific use of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine in China, combined with the plant medicine of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, it should be clinical, laboratory and clinical; However, western medicine is a chemical substance, and it has no experience before it is applied to the clinic, so it must go through the laboratory-clinical-laboratory process (that is, Chinese traditional medicine should not strictly copy the clinical way of western medicine to cure patients!). ; Dr. Wanquan Li has 29 years of valuable clinical experience in the prevention and treatment of various viral diseases (mainly hepatitis B virus and HIV virus, which are still incurable in western medicine) by using Traditional Chinese medicine.


In particular, following the most basic principles of TCM treatment in Our country, carefully selecting two ancient TCM prescriptions that have been used for hundreds of years, we have studied and perfected the principles and basic principles of "treating different diseases with the same treatment" and "invigorating and dispelling evil" in TCM, so as to eliminate novel coronavirus on the premise of increasing our own resistance! To treat both the symptoms and the root cause of western medicine (anti-novel coronavirus), and to treat both the symptoms and the root cause of disease (anti-novel coronavirus). Now a large number of asymptomatic infected people have appeared, which also proves Dr. Li's important judgment! -- proven by the scientific objective facts of the sixteen months of clinical practice), and made into the traditional form of Chinese medicine, namely powder (for example, according to the dialectical treatment of individual Chinese medicine, everyone takes decoction, which cannot be implemented in the whole Country and the world); For the convenience of Chinese and Western medical workers nationwide and even around the world to guide and advise patients to take:

(一) 是针对实症患者(热毒甚者/现舌红苔白黄者),此型病人国内(含各东南亚国家)患者约占75%的数量/比例;国外(主指西方欧美为主的各个国家)患者约占90%的数量/比例的临床特征,故选用完全对症的古传名方即《加味逍遥汤》为基础方,加强效抗病毒(黄连黄芩黄柏与制大黄金银花蒲公英)及对症(桔梗法半夏川贝与桑皮)的中药共普通而强效的十九味中药组成,国内国际统称;

(1) for patients with real symptoms (heat poison even/red tongue moss white yellow), this type of patients in China (including southeast Asian countries) account for about 75% of the number/proportion; Abroad (main countries of Western Europe and the United States is given priority to) accounted for about 90% of the quantity/percentage of patients with clinical features, so choose the ancient known completely suit the party or the flavored xiaoyao decoction on the basis of party, strengthen the antiviral (coptis chinensis cortex phellodendri and radix rheum honeysuckle dandelion) and suit the method (platycodon grandiflorum pinellia fritillary bulb and mulberry) of traditional Chinese medicine were common and powerful 19 taste of traditional Chinese medicine, at home International general term;


(two) is for the patients with deficiency syndrome (body deficiency/poor qi and blood! The tongue is light red, the tongue is fat, basically no moss or a little white moss), this type of patients accounted for about 25% of the total number of patients, about 15% of the foreign patients!! In accordance with the principle and basic principle of "treating different diseases with the same treatment" and "invigorating and dispelling evil" of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, we are now going to eliminate novel coronavirus on the premise of increasing our own resistance! A total of 19 traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) with enhanced antiviral effect (see above) and symptomatic (see above), namely; In this way, on the one hand, it can basically rule and even cure the vast number of patients all over the world; On the other hand, western doctors in China and the world can easily and quickly master the indications and use of these two TCM drugs!! Moreover, these two traditional Chinese medicine drugs, low cost, made into powder and convenient (symptomatic) to take, and in a short period of time (currently estimated in 6 to 8 weeks) can completely control and eliminate the disaster, namely the novel coronavirus pneumonia! (In addition, judging from the above proportion of patients, Chinese medicine is suitable for the vast majority of patients both domestically and internationally, especially internationally. I also conventionally say that taking this medicine is like drinking coffee!! .


※ Expected curative effect: All kinds of common respiratory symptoms can be basically eliminated within 2-3 weeks; Generally >90% of patients tested negative for RNA within about 25-35 days; If an instrument capable of detecting the number of novel coronavirus viruses becomes available, the pathogen can be completely eradicated after 45 to 60 days of drug administration when the virus in the patient is virtually undetectable; In particular, it is pointed out that the long-term effect of rare sequelae should be achieved for those who take medicine to recover from the disease, that is, the big goal of complete elimination in the whole country and even the whole world has been achieved!! .


※ Usage: Please refer to the instructions for preventive medicine and take 8-9 grams of powder every morning.


[Appendix 3: Typical Cases of Chronic and difficult Diseases treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine]



First, use traditional Chinese medicine prescription


Shi ×, a 67-year-old female, lived in the staff dormitory of the Medical School in Wanxian County, Sichuan Province. In the winter of 1990, she came home by chance. She was sick in bed, and her fat body was as thin as firewood.He now lives on a kilo of unsweetened soy milk all day, it seems that his life is not long ", I said, "Can I take Traditional Chinese medicine?" "And replied:" I'd like to take it. Then he saw that his tongue was plump and tender. According to gao Gufeng's method of curing "diabetes", he added and subtracted "eight flavor pills/soup"Three doses of Chinese medicine and into the diet, seven doses of Chinese medicine can get out of bed to walk, 45 doses of medicine and receive full results(The patient died seven years later, in the summer and fall of 1998).


Example (2) Li ××, male, 60 years old, living in the district office dormitory,Chronic emphysema in addition to alcoholic cirrhosis,Occurred in the autumn of 91 a night cough, hemoptysis, volume in 400 ml above, hence checking to our home, medical examination found scattered in the bleeder, for double lower limbs, in view of this condition, hence to advise him on hospitalization, but insisted on medicine treatment, I said then you have to give it a try first, namely view his tongue slants thin, partial red, with a little thin yellow moss, with the "know when to parker's" (note, This disease I choose in spring and summer "add flavor xiaoyao decoction plus minus"), add cool blood hemostasis Chinese medicineThe hemoptysis stopped with three doses, and the hemorrhagic rash disappeared with six dosesPatients with emotion at that time, "true god agent".


Cases (three) He ××, female, 76 years old, living in wanxian City crew dormitory, a history of "chronic angiitis" for more than 10 years, in the winter of 91 a night 9-10, suddenly become delirious, urinary incontinence, at this time I have been invited to their home,It was clear that he had pulmonary encephalopathyIts tongue is fat and tender and pale purple with a little thin white mossAccording to gao Gufeng's predecessor, this syndrome can be treated with large agent Yangrong decoction swallowing "eight flavor pills"But at the moment, the home can't do it immediately, then took two ginseng royal jelly, swallowing the original purchase of the "eight taste pills" (barely take approximately 8 g pills), on the evening of 10 PM, I don't know this treatment is effective, namely returned home, 8 am the next day, family members of patients to my place of "patient has awake", I feel excited, hence with "ginseng tonic soup" rong add and subtract, But the time is severe winter (Yin Cold sheng), the elderly weak (Yang qi micro), so this winter and continuousThe two cases of "pulmonary encephalopathy" were similar to the first one, and both cases were effective, but the patient died in a coma in the winter of 1992 (because I was at work in a hospital in Yichang city, Hubei province at that time and no one implemented the medical treatment).

例(四)陈××,男,时年46岁,时任某地区负责人之一,92年春因常有咽部及胃肠不适,先请我市名老中医诊视,服过近20剂中药,未见明显作用和效果;遂再请余诊视,余观其舌体偏胖嫩,质淡红,少苔,考虑为脾胃气虚为主,兼有咽部症状,遂用补中益气汤加减,6剂而获大效矣。一月后不慎外感,主症为发热,体温在38.5℃左右,咽喉疼痛,检查发现咽部红肿,扁桃体有白色分泌物,诊断为“化脓性扁桃体炎”,即至地区医院肌注青霉素,口服螺旋霉素,治疗三天后未见明显好转,遂再请余诊视,观其舌诊与前同,同时考虑工作忙碌不便煎药,故改用中成药补中益气丸每次12克,3次/日,并同服 VC 银翘片,每次6片(说明书为2片),3次/日,两药一起服用,嘱多饮水,并言其病三天后即愈矣,三日后果中吾言。其年夏,调四川省政府工作,请余制定保健处方,我即书呈:早“补中”(12g)晚“八味丸”(12g)之方案,在春夏两秋可照此调理,后闻果效也。

(4) Chen ××, male, 46 years old at that time, was one of the responsible persons of a certain area. In the spring of 1992, due to frequent pharyngeal and gastrointestinal discomfort, he first sought medical advice from an old doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine in our city. After taking nearly 20 doses of Chinese medicine, no obvious effect was found. I found that her tongue was fat and tender, reddish in quality and less moss. It was considered to be mainly spleen and stomach qi deficiency, accompanied by pharyngeal symptoms.Then add and subtract buzhong Yiqi decoction, 6 doses and get a big effectExogenous carelessly after January, primary symptom of fever, body temperature at about 38.5 ℃, sore throat, examination showed pharyngeal swelling, tonsil have white secretions, diagnosis of suppurative tonsillitis, intramuscular injection of penicillin to a regional hospital, oral spiramycin, treatment after three days did not see obvious improvement, hence again, please advice, view its tongue diagnosis with before, At the same time, considering the inconvenience of decocting medicine because of busy work, we use Chinese patent medicine Buzhong Yiqi pills 12 grams each time, 3 times/day, and take VC yinqiao tablets, 6 tablets each time (the instructions are 2 tablets), 3 times/day, the two drugs are taken together, drinking more water and saying that the disease will be cured after three daysThree days of consequences in my wordsIn the summer of that year, I was transferred to work for the Sichuan provincial government, so I requested me to make a health care prescription. I presented the plan of "buzhong" (12g) in the morning and "eight flavor pills" (12g) in the evening, which could be adjusted according to this plan in spring, summer and autumn.


Li ××, male, 54 years old, lived in Nanmen Town, Kaixian County. He could only stay at home all the year round because of chronic emphysema and continuous cough. Not to outdoor activities and labor also. Traveled in the spring of 93 because of me, a clinical see its tongue medium build, reddish, has a small white moss, then use normal "liver kidney soup" to add and subtract (platycodon grandiflorum, under the law, mulberry, salvia miltiorrhiza, etc) prescribing 10 agent, a dose of two days, 20 days to me, I the disease has been greatly reduced, please to make a diagnosis and give treatment, make a little adjustment to the original partyAnother 15 doses were prescribed, and another dose was given for two days. Two months later, He said that after taking the medicine, he could not only go out for activities, but also carry manure and fertilize, and went to work in the field. I was surprised to hear the effectSince then, occasionally due to a cold and mild relapse, generally take 3-5 doses of medicine to cure, died 20 years later.


(Case 6) Tang ××, female, aged 68, living near the south gate of Huancheng Road, Wanxian City, Sichuan Province, invited herself to work one morning in early April, 1993, because she was suffering from diabetes and rheumatoid arthritisA worker carried it to my clinicYan said, "When I got up this morning, I felt a sudden pain in my waist and knee, especially in my weak lower limbs, which made me unable to stand or walk. I was afraid of paralysis of my lower limbs, so I asked Dr. Li to help me." I asked about his condition. After observing the complexion and examining the pulse of the tongue, it was considered that the organs were invaded by wind, dampness and cold, and the spleen and kidney were the main organs. Therefore, buzhong Yiqi Decoction was used (because the tongue was fat and large), and 13 herbs including Fangfeng, Qiang Huo, Duhuo, Huai Knee and papaya were addedAfter 3 doses, the patient came to my office for further examination on crutches, and then took more than 10 doses of drugs continuouslyIn the spring of 1997, the patient relapsed, but the disease was mild and improved after taking medicine (1-2 weeks). He was able to live on his own for the next 10 years.


(Case 7) Zhou ××, male, 36 years old, living in Group 3, Hongqi Village, Tanzi Town, Wanzhou District, Chongqing (tel: 023-58454699), due to a long time of diarrhea, 3-5 times a day, accompanied by mucus, little pus and blood, feeling of falling and distension and miscellaneous, was diagnosed as "chronic colitis" by wanxian county, city and regional tertiary hospitals at that time. She repeatedly received western medicine treatment in this three-level hospital, with enema treatment in between. The treatment lasted for nearly 7 months, but there was no obvious effect, so the disease was not under control at all. In the very painful situation, there was nothing to be done, so she sought medical treatment in our hospital in late April, 1993. From the traditional Chinese medicine, yu Kao deficiency refers to "deficiency of qi and blood and invasion by dampness evil". The zang-fu organs have reached the liver, spleen, kidney and large intestineHe then used gao Gufeng's "liver-relieving and kidney nourishing decoction" and phellodendron phellodendri, honeysuckle, forsythia, hemp, woody and other medicines, 10 doses of which had a great effect, and recovered in 5 months. Up to now, it has been more than 20 years, and there has never been a relapse.


Xiang ××, male, 72 years oldDue to "prostatic hypertrophy"Unable to urinate, she was very painful, so she had to go to the hospital for placement and retention of catheter. She felt painful and uncomfortable because of wearing catheter all day long, so she was helped to me by her daughter, hoping to take traditional Chinese medicine treatment. During the rest of the diagnosis, I found that her tongue body was medium, with light purple and red tongue and a little thin white moss. She still used "Liver-relieving and Kidney-nourishing decoction" with Phellodendri, Huaigenu, Salvia miltiorrhiza, poring and other drugsAfter 3 doses of catheter extraction, 15 doses of medicine were all cured. After 3 months of follow-up, I asked why he did not take TCM treatment again, and the other person replied: I have no symptoms, why do I still take medicine? I can't help speaking.


(Case 9) Guo ××, male, aged 49, living at No. 3-3, Shuangbi Road, Paolou Street, Wanzhou District, Chongqing (Mobile phone: 13668432998), was diagnosed as "numbness in both fingers accompanied by numbness in the right lower limb and acid and weakness for one year" after relevant examination in Southwest Hospital of Chongqing"Cervical ocele"(But her lumbar vertebrae also had hyperosteogeny), surgical treatment was recommended, but the patient considered (1)The operation cost about 100,000 yuan moreIn particular, (2) there is a possibility of failure/lifelong bedridden after surgery, so I did not agree with his treatment plan. On June 27, 2004, he went to our clinic for treatment. The muscle strength of his right hand was between grade I-II, and his right lower limb was lame. His tongue was examined and found to be fat, light red and purple, and no mossThe effect was evident in January and basically cured in MarchLater, there is slight dizziness, waist pain, weakness, and the tongue is still fat and mossy, so it is told to take "Shiquan Da Bu Wan" in the morning and "GUI Fu Rehmannia Wan" in the eveningThe dose is 13-15 grams per dose. After about 2 months of conditioning, the special telegram says "I have returned to normal"(注:该患者在我处花费共计在1500元以内)。


(例十)骆××,男,55岁,住重庆市万州区凉风乡供水站,于95年12月13日因血便在成都第五医院诊断为“直肠 ca”随即作了直肠癌切除术。该患从97年夏至今约9年间,一直服余自研抗癌中药,生活如常人无异。廿七年后即至今,仍健在。

(Case 10) Luo ××, male, 55 years old, living in Liangfeng Township water supply Station, Wanzhou District, Chongqing, was diagnosed as "rectal CA" in Chengdu Fifth Hospital on December 13, 1995, and then underwent rectal cancer resectionSince the summer of 1997, she has been taking anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine developed by herself for about 9 yearsTwenty-seven years later, he is still alive.


(Case 11) Huang ××, male, aged 72, living in Jiulong Township, Yunyang County, Chongqing, underwent cystoscopy in Chongqing Three Gorges Hospital and Wanzhou Medical School Affiliated Hospital for "persistent hematuria" in August 1994"Bladder cancer"To my place to take traditional Chinese medicine treatmentHematuria disappeared after 7 dosesAnti-kidney bladder cancer Chinese herbal powder (10 grams, 3 times a day) developed by Yu was usedAfter 6 months, the patient had no symptoms and was healthy and able to take part in physical laborIn June 1997, hematuria occurred again, so I took the above-mentioned Chinese herbal powder for the second time. Three months later, I stopped taking the medicine because I felt good. In May 2003, due to the recurrence of "hematuria", I took the medicine for more than a month. The symptoms (hematuria) were quickly eliminated, and the medicine was stopped until the death in the summer of 2005. I realized that my health was normal. (Note: Why did the patient stop treatment repeatedlySymptoms of medication (blood in the urine) disappear quicklyThe other is the lack of funds.


He ××, male, 23 years old at the time, lived at No. 18, Junzhai Road, Tiancheng, Wanzhou District, Chongqing municipality. In April 1998, he gradually developed paraplegia of both lower limbsThe loss of sensation, after several difficulties, was diagnosed in Southwest Hospital at the end of August of that year: "Lumbar spinal canal tumor caused paraplegia of both lower limbsHe was admitted to the hospital for surgical treatment, but the preoperative examination found that he had 'hepatitis B/minor sanyang' "and abnormal liver function. The hospital then advised the patient to return to Wanzhou from Chongqing for surgical treatment after the liver disease was cured. After the patient returned, he recalled my experience in the treatment of "hepatitis B/liver disease", so his wife came to us for medical treatment (mainly hoping to cure his liver disease as soon as possible before lumbar spinal tumor surgery). I went to his residence to see the patient, and found that his tongue was medium, red and purple, with a little thin white moss on its surface. Therefore, it was consistent with liver disease ⅲ I drug developed by Yu Zi (a Chinese medicine powder made from shugan Yishen Decoction/effective in the treatment of early and middle stage cirrhosis). Twenty days after taking the medicine, his paralyzed feet and big toe could move. At this time, I boldly asserted that "you can get out of bed and walk when taking the medicine for three months." Before I flew to Shanghai to treat 3 patients with severe liver disease and liver cancer at the end of NovemberPatients can walk a little to my face for medical treatmentBut should "take medicine three months can get out of bed to walk". After that, I returned to my old job of driving a taxi after the Spring Festival of 1999, instead of going to Chongqing for surgery. Is this another excellent example of "treating different diseases with the same treatment" of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine (the spinal canal tumor was also "removed" when the method of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis was used to treat liver disease)After 26 years of follow-up up to now, his liver was in good condition and there was no recurrence of spinal swelling and painNote: This important case was reported to Hu ××, a 34-year-old female from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province, in 2001. She was also diagnosed as "spinal canal tumor" in Kunming Hospital because of paralysis of both lower limbs. At that time, after half a year of treatment, she could only start to move slightlyAfter 6 months of treatment, she recovered as before, with normal activities and work. No recurrence has been observed in 25 years of follow-up


Feng ××, male, aged 84 and living in Shanghai, was diagnosed as bladder cancer in Shanghai Ruijin Hospital in May 2000 due to "blood in urine" after relevant examination. The old man gave up surgery and chemotherapy in view of his great trust in the doctor, and insisted on taking his own clinic all the timeThe study of "bladder cancer" Chinese herbal powder, more than 6 years later, all normal, living on their own,And every morning insist to walk about an hour, the old man said, "I am 90 years old, if there is no disease, it is just the same, other patients diagnosed with lung cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer because of the western medicine, surgery and chemotherapy, all died 3 years ago, traditional Chinese medicine is really good."


Dai ××, male, 59 years old, from Shanghai, was admitted to the Department of Gastroenterology of XX Hospital in Shanghai in October 1998 due to decompensated liver cirrhosis, which developed soon after admission"Hepatic encephalopathy (hepatic coma), who has been in a coma for seven days despite the best efforts of the hospital,At this time, the patient's family members heard that "you can find Doctor Li Wanquan in Sichuan, maybe there is a cure", that is, they called me (about 6 o 'clock in the afternoon) to consult and seek treatment, I heard that: You can go to the street pharmacy to buy two kinds of Proprietary Chinese medicine:(1) Angong Niuhuang pill; (2) Bezoar jiedu tablets urgent use, the former smashed after taking, the latter (three pieces) into the depths of the anus! The next morning less than 8 o 'clock the patient's family members call "the patient has come to consciousness, thank the grace of life!" . Since then, he has been taking the Chinese herbal powder of "liver disease" developed by himself until the end of the winter of 2000, when he died of excessive damage to the liver (spleen) structure for a long time. (Note: this kind of remote treatment of critically ill patients with Chinese patent medicine, and the effect of "immediate effect", have to confirm my magic of Chinese medicine.)


Wei ××, female, was 20 years old at the time Lupus erythematosus to bilateral femoral head necrosis, bed for more than 7 monthsAfter listening to her introduction, she came to our office for help. She went to her home in person, felt her pulse and observed her tongue image, and received a TCM prescription of 11 doses (one dose for 2 days)After taking 22 days, he could get out of bed and move. After that, he continued to recuperate for 18 months. So far, no recurrence has been observed in 11 years.


(Example 16) Wu, female, 27 years oldCrohn's disease was diagnosed in Beijing (whole digestive ulcer)After three years of treatment with Western medicine, he was treated remotely in the spring of 1997 Add and subtract with Buzhong Yiqi decoctionAnd made into traditional Chinese medicine dosage form powderSent to Beijing, let it take nine months and cured, has not seen a relapse for more than 20 years.


Lin ××, male, 59 years old, chairman of Taiwan Medical Association of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, suddenly suffered from angina pectoris in the autumn of 1996, and was diagnosed as coronary heart disease by relevant hospitals in TaiwanAfter observing the remote tongue image, I found that the tongue was red, and there was yellow moss in the liver and gallbladder. Then I used "Jiawei Xiaoyao Decoction" to cut the prescription, took Chinese medicine decoction for 15 days, and got out of bed and moved(For this reason, the Taiwan Association of Acupuncture and Moxibustion invited me to be a visiting professor in the field of lower liver and spleen diseases.)


(Case 18) About Wei ××, female, 45 years old, in the autumn of 2017Due to respiratory muscle weakness caused by lung infection, she has been hospitalized in ICU of a major hospital in Beijing for more than one month, and has been kept alive by ventilator.Later, his brother turned to me for help. After a remote tongue examination by myself, he made the following analysis and prescription:


4、处方:西洋参15 银柴胡6 黄芪15 白术15 当归(炒)10  甘草10  升麻15 陈皮10  熟地20 丹皮20 茯苓20  泽泻20  山药20  桔梗15田七10  丹参20 炒栀子15 黄柏20,共18味中药。煎液,连煎三次,每次煎液约500余ml,然后将3次药液混匀共1600ml;每次从胃管注入200ml,每天4次,即分别在早7点/下午12点/下午6点/晚l1点从胃管注入(一剂中药服两天也)。为保证早出显著疗效,宜减少各种流质饮食的注入,皆因以上中药内亦含有各种营养物质之故!

1, TCM syndrome differentiation: qi stagnation blood stasis dampness; 2, treatment: qi, stasis, collaterals and dehumidification; 3, the use of party: the ancient famous party "Buzhong Yiqi soup" and "Six taste dihuang soup" plus or minus;

Prescription: American ginseng 15 Silver bupleurum 6 Astragalus 15 Atractylodes atractylodes 15 Angelica (stir-fried) 10 Licorice 10 cohosh hemp 15 Tangerine peel 10 cooked ground 20 Danpi 20 Poria cocos 20 Rhizoma 20 Chinese yam 20 Platycodon platycodon 15 Tianqi 10 Danshen 20 Stir-fried Gardenia 15 Phellodendron 20, a total of 18 Traditional Chinese medicines. Decocting liquid, decocting liquid three times, each decocting liquid about 500 ml, and then three times of mixed liquid a total of 1600ml; 200ml each time from the gastric tube, 4 times a day, namely at 7 am / 12 PM / 6 PM/L1 respectively from the gastric tube (a dose of Chinese medicine for two days). In order to ensure early significant curative effect, appropriate to reduce the injection of all kinds of liquid diet, all because of the above traditional Chinese medicine also contains all kinds of nutrients!


The patient was taken off the ventilator 8 days after taking the decoction. One week after taking decoction, the patient recovered and was discharged from hospital. It has been nearly five years since then, and the patient has not seen a relapse.


Second, skillfully use municipal/large pharmacies to sell Chinese patent medicine


(Examples 1-5) :Mild diabetes, according to the actual symptoms (red tongue, yellow and white moss on the surface) prescription, namely take "Xiaoyao pill" in the morning8 p.m. Take Zhibai Rehmannia pill; Prescription for deficiency (fat tongue, reddish tongue, no moss or a little white moss), take "Buzhong Yiqi pill" in the morning, guifu Dihuang pill at 8 PMThe adult dose is 40 concentrated pellets each time. There were 1 case in Hubei province and 4 cases in local area. The treatment course was one year, and the blood glucose has been normal for more than 10 years now.


(Example 6-7) : a big city I've been infertile for three years After observing the tongue image, I instructed the male to take "Xiaoyao Pill" in the morning and "Zhibai Dihuang pill" in the evening. The woman took "Shiquan Da Bu wan" in the morning and "Guifu Dihuang Wan" in the evening, with a dose of 40 concentrated small pills each time。After taking the medicine for five months, both parties became pregnant, and now their second child is over seven years old.


(Case 8) : Zhang ××, male, 31 years old, capital city of a province in southwest ChinaDue to the advanced stage of AIDS, the provincial specialized treatment is ineffectiveSo he went to a big hospital in the southTo fashion an airplane seatAfter 2 weeks of treatment, he returned to his provincial capitalYou can't sit still in your seat, you need someone to help youThe patient was hospitalized in a hostel due to fever, body pain, general weakness, and lack of food and drink. Upon the recommendation of Professor Li of the National AIDS Expert Committee, he sought medical treatment for himselfThen the prescription was as follows: 1 small bag of antiviral granule, 200 ml of water, 5 vitamin C yinqiao tablets, 3 American ginseng capsules, three times a day. After taking this medicine three times, the patient's temperature was normal, fatigue was eliminated, and she wanted to eat。(Patients and their families are thrilled with the efficacy! Through the precise application of this case, Chinese patent medicine is rare and curative effect can be urgent!

A boy aged three years and six months in a big city got up in the morning of the winter of 2016 He went to the children's Hospital of the city for diagnosis and treatment because the medical expenses on that day amounted to more than 2,000 yuan And children injection pain, adults trouble, so his father in the afternoon at 6 o 'clock hence to me for treatment, I boldly told it: can not go to the hospital, namely to the street pharmacy to buy Chinese patent medicine: antiviral infusion and silver chai infusion, each two infusion each small bag, together with half a cup of water drinking, three times a day.The results should be cured within four days of my expected time.


[Annex 4: Prevention of Novel Coronavirus Chinese Patent Medicine]


One, adults in the morning before meals: take antiviral chong (granules) two small bags into a cup of water (about 200ml), swallow yinqiao jietoxification pills 12 grams;


Adults 8 p.m. : Take medicine as in the morning.


This formula has been effective in a mildly infected/young Chinese patient in Dubai! (That is, after taking it for a week, I felt relaxed, and the symptoms of fever, cough, fatigue, appetite and other diseases disappeared!) !!!!! .


This article is worth reading, because the author is an expert of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, 2 have 29 years of antiviral clinical experience and results! In other words, it is of great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance to the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 for the country and all the people. Third, the traditional Chinese medicine against HEPATITIS B virus and AIDS studied by Dr. Li had been approved by the relevant authorities in China and the United States in 1994 and 1995, without any toxic and side effects. Fourth, Chinese medicine for the treatment of COVID-19 has been available in China, but the serious shortage is that there has not been a strong effect of Chinese medicine for the elimination of pathogens, namely the eradication of novel Coronavirus (see Dr. Li Wanquan's academic papers, namely Prescription/Empirical Chinese Medicine, published on the Internet from May 2020 to now). The hard work of the past two years has been highlighted. Only with the joint efforts of the Chinese medical community and the private medical community can we eradicate the Novel coronavirus and bring peace to the world at an early date!!




如需用其艰辛研究与应用 30 年的中药制剂(中散剂/粉剂),而又不能前来我处亲诊的,需提供以下资料与状况!:

Appendix :< famous Chinese and western medicine expert > --

If you need to use the Chinese medicine preparation (medium powder/powder) which has been studied and applied for 30 years, and you cannot come to my office for personal treatment, you need to provide the following information and status! :


One, about diagnosing diseases


Two Ii. Discharge Report,


Three  The main symptoms at present;


Four, defecation situation and weight! ;


Five, the tongue! Refers to the natural light under the tongue (tongue front and back) with a mobile phone photo, sent to Doctor Li mobile phone! - This is the simplest and most effective method of diagnosis/prescription for patients who cannot come to see the patient personally (also the unique method of diagnosis/tongue examination by Dr. Li in TCM).


< Special note > : All patients with COVID-19 who have failed in western medicine treatment and who are outside China, regardless of severity, can also seek medical treatment with the above specific Chinese medicine, Dr. Li is willing to remotely use the above specific Chinese medicine for free until they are cured, i.e. cannot detect the radical effect of novel Coronavirus!


Standing at a new starting point, how to better innovate, inherit and develop TCM field? These issues are getting a lot of attention. Facing some development difficulties, the focus of the reform of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine colleagues will need to actively play their own advantages, build practical words and offer wisdom, showing high "value" of traditional Chinese medicine, take advantage of the media to make during the two sessions of traditional Chinese medicine person's voice for national annual increase luster, booster ride the waves in China's traditional Chinese medicine, and go forward.


[Note, the < traditional Chinese medicine > referred to in this article refers to the traditional Chinese medicine doctors still working in the state units; the < traditional Chinese medicine > refers to the majority of Chinese folk doctors.]

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